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Our Products

India Agro Sciences has engaged in providing a wide array of best quality Agrochemicals (Insecticides, Herbicides, Fungicides, Household insecticides, PGR, Bioepesticide and Bio-fertilizers). This range is processed using qualitative ingredients procured from the authorized and certified vendors of the market, in adherence with the international quality parameters. Our organic products are eco-friendly, helipful and effective to increase soil fertility that results in healthy growth of crops and high yield.


ZYME-POWER is a remarkable natural product . "It provides naturally occurred NPK, Humic Acid, Amino Acid, Proteins and Carbohydrates etc."

Amino Power

AMINO POWER promotes macro and micro nutrients. "Stimulates protien synthesis as it contain Amino acids which are building blocks."


KILLER-L "is eco-friendly and remarkable product which enhence plant immunity against larval attack. It kills all types of larvae."


FUNGI-KILLER is natural, non-toxic, made from herbal extract. "It protects plants from fungal diseases."

Humate Plus

HUMATE PLUS is rich in both organic and mineral substances which are essential to plant groth. "It stimulates plant enzymes and act as organic catalyst."


SECURE is an extract of herbs which is very effective for preventing the spread of virus infection in crops. "It has both pro phylatic & curative action."


REFEL-GOLD is natural, non-toxic, made from herbal extract. "It controls white flies, Mealy Bug, Scale insect."

Advance Plus

ADVACE PLUS is size larger & yield booster. "It increases number of flowers and to prevent pre-dropping of fruits & flowers."


GROMEX is concentrated bio-stimulator and yeild booster. "It provides better roots and shoot growth." It induces floring and fruit setting.


KILLER-M is wild plant extract & refined from wild medicinal plant & other herbs which are used for controling the insects. "It controls thrips, mites, jassids etc."


AGRO-ZYM is organic manure for all crops. "It suppiles NPK, as well as trace minerals. It promotes stronger stem and leave growth".